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8 MacGyver Tips for a life hack

MacGyver was very good at getting out of tight spots sometimes when it seemed hopeless and hence unlock success.  There are 7 tips that we can learn to use to  hack into our lives for better output and awesomeness. Success requires a few tips to make things work. MacGyver was good at making things happen when it all seemed grave.

1. When stuck improvise

There is always something to use, something to say and something to do. Look around you and find what works. Don’t be overwhelmed by the situation but overwhelm the situation with options. Try what you can until something gives. There is no situation that cannot have an improvising; any situation can be hacked for unlocking success.

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2. Always carry one tool

Your tool could be your diary, your Google drive, your calendar, your notes, your Whatsapp, but always have that one thing that has your resources that you can count on. For some people it could be their phone but the thing is, always carry that one tool that you can depend on.

3. Run when you are outmatched

If you are outmatched by a situation where people are after you then run. The answer will come to you but there is no point in you staying and waiting to get destroyed then coming up with he answer. Naturally you have to be fit to be able to run. Running does not make you into a coward it just means that you are implementing a different plan. Also read 7 Me syndromes that lead to poverty mentality

4. Your number one weapon is your mind

Macgyver rules MacGyver never carried a gun; his greatest weapon was his mind. Sometimes we rely on external things, thinking this is what makes our lives successful. Success starts with a great mind and thinking pattern. Your number one weapon is your mind that is what will hack any situation.

5. If you can help then help

If you have the power to make a difference, then make a difference. When you can be a good friend be a friend and do what you can. Don’t expect much back from people that you help but do it anyway in time, you will gain more knowledge and experience. Life’s value is not what we own it is what we do that creates personal value.

6. Be Urgent

When there is a problem or challenge then act quickly. Time is critical for success and life’s hack is knowing how to hack time and make things move along. Be urgent in what you do just like a MacGyver on a mission.

7. Walk into a situation with a plan even if it is improvised

We sometimes get ourselves into trouble because we never plan properly. Even if you have a few seconds always plan for what you need to do. Give it your best shot and who knows, just like a MacGyver you will unlock life’s success.

8. Create a diversion

When stuck in a terrible place or things don’t look like they will go your way you may need to create a distraction. A distraction will give you an element of surprise for which your enemies or challenge is not prepared. This may mean taking a risk in which people are not expecting.



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