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Selling your success for a bowl of soup

You have  a right to be successful, however that right can be sold to other people in a few various ways knowingly or unknowingly. Your success is inevitable if you follow some of the advice given on this site but you have to take responsibility and not sell your right to success for a bowl of soup. Many people are close to success and lose that right to success to other people by selling off their right one way or the other.

Looking for the shortcut

The long route to success is not about making you suffer, it is about you gaining experience. The definition of long route is not about the time it takes it is about the effort. Sleeping less and less in order to create a great software program is a long route. Sacrificing time from going out with your friends to build an empire is also a long route. Very few people are willing to travel the “long route” for fear of losing the moment. When you place more value in the moment than the life time you lose the life treasure.

treasure chest
Your life is full of treasure but don’t accept substitutes

A lot of people look for shortcuts or jump for them whenever the opportunity comes their way. When you take the long journey of success you cement the foundation of the experience of success. As you take the long journey you will learn new things and discover better and efficient ways to do things. A shortcut makes you miss the fundamentals of life. The movie “Click (2006)” shows this lesson wonderfully in which Adam Sandler’s character learns that you cannot fast forward life to a successful moment and miss the ugly parts of life otherwise you miss life itself.

Accepting the Alternative Substitute

Coal is good but its not the diamond you want

When we accept a copy of the original or an inferior substitute of what we really want we are selling our right to success. So instead of taking the degree that you can take you decided to opt for the diploma that seems close to it but less intensive in work. So instead of the diamond you accept coal because you are told it burns a lot and you will get energy from it. However this is not what you  wanted, the alternative substitute coal can never be the diamond that you want.

Accepting partnerships that will limit us

In a business deal you will always have a need for a partnership, but if you choose the wrong partnership your dream or vision can slowly be eroded and in no time you will be working with someone else’s vision. Be careful who you let into your vision, they might just color it different such that you cant see it anymore. When you are not sure about who to trust then don’t settle for any partnership, be sure first. This does not only apply to business deals only but also applies to life as well. There is more to life than relying on people, first rely on yourself.

Giving other people control over your vision

Never give another person the responsibility to fulfill your vision. You must take the lead, the responsibility and rise to the occasion. When you see something, no one else sees it the way you do though they can describe it the way you do. Love is a word but the feeling is not equal between people. The degree of love will differ depending on understanding and backgrounds. When you have a vision though you can use the same words and say “To be the best”, the meaning will never be the same with anyone in the world. We are equal in nature but we are not equal in what we contain and how we see things. When you have a vision you must lead it until it matures, only afterwards can you let it go to someone else.

Selling your success rights is easy to do in business or life, knowingly or unknowingly. You just have to be on your toes and take charge of what matters to you. There are more ways on selling your right to success beyond these but for now please share these with your friends. Please share this article with all your facebook an social media friends and unlock some success.


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