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How “The Rock ” makes Sense not 5 cents in his life

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a global icon, major movie superstar who gets paid in the millions and finished 2015 with an impressive haul of over a billion dollars in revenue grosses that his movies made. Whether it is movies like Fast and Furious, or it might be appearing in TV series or wrestling gigs his life seems to be making sense and not cents at the moment.
We all want to be successful hence we try our best to be the best that we could be. The Rock as Dwayne is known as, has had his journey of success and we can also learn how to make sense of our lives from his life.

1. Everything needs a beginning

You may not know this but The Rock was once in college football but by seeing his built you can kind of figure it out. As a newbie in wrestling, he had a terrible gimmick which was ridiculous to say the least. From being cut from football to one of the most ridiculous gimmicks in wrestling, you would never have thought that come 2015 the guy would be involved in movies that go beyond a billion and would be a hot property in Hollywood. Everything has a beginning, so don’t despise the small beginnings. Just because a seed looks small does not mean that in the future that seed cannot become the biggest tree in the field. You must find your beginning and begin, don’t wait for an end to find the beginning

2. If the of opportunity opens don’t put your foot in, jump the whole body

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At some point the The Rock was a big deal in wrestling and it all made sense for him to stay in WWE as he was now a real mega superstar. However, from small TV appearances on shows such as Saturday Night Live he got an opportunity to appear in Hollywood albeit in small parts, the most memorable being as the scorpion king in the movie The Mummy Returns. From there he got his own movie as the scorpion king in the movie Scorpion King. Now, The Rock could have stayed in wrestling to become an immortal legend but he not only put his foot through the door he also jumped through the door to Hollywood fame.

3. There can be a Doom but they will be a Fast and Furious

One of the silliest movies ever made was the movie Doom(2005) starring The Rock. It’s a very bad movie (this being an understatement) however this does not mean that the The Rock gave up or was discouraged. After the disaster that the movie Doom was, there are over 20 very successful films which follow, in which he has been starring or been in a support role, or part of the main cast. One of those films is a billion dollar franchise. In life, things don’t always make sense but if you give up you will miss your billion dollars opportunity to make it . When we have one miss in our lives that does not mean we should miss the opportunities that follow.

4. Be versatile

The Rock has had a best seller book, started a charity cause, wrestling, football, kids programs, TV series, movies and even music. Be willing to be versatile, there are many doors of opportunity, when one door opens don’t be afraid to keep opening the different doors that will be presented to you. You could just settle for one door, but in life the earth spins and many doors will pass everyone’s way, the sun shines on everyone, everyone always gets an opportunity.
Be cool, get smart, live fast and furious, walking tall, sometimes being a tooth fairy, with a game plan, telling Southland tales, remembering your gridiron gang, stay focused as you take a journey to the mysterious island, you might pass through witch mountain, but be a Hercules in nature, in time you will build an empire state and have your GI Joe Retaliation through all the pain there will be gain. The last last sentence is built from a few of the different movies that the Rock has been in, they are versatile enough to create a real sentence; that is how your life should be. Don’t be one sided, be involved and make sense of your life not cents.

5. Be a brand and make your name last

The Rock has been at it for long and his name is now a household name. That comes with a lot of consistence. If you want to be constant then become a consistency. You can’t be a star unless you keep burning energy. Giving up on your dreams is like the sun deciding not to shine. There is no rest for greatness, only a timeout to strategize. Keep at it and build your name. Be known and sooner than later your name will be more valuable than what you actually do. This means that you must have a say in what you get involved in and the projects that you do. It’s not just about doing things but its also about being in control of your life enough to make sense and not cents. If you don’t live your life then someone else will live it for you. If you don’t keep looking for opportunity you might ignore it when it shows up in your life. The moon might not be a star but it gets a ten for shining in a clear night. Stay in position so that the light can also bounce off you.

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