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Your Success 101

 Your Success 101

Pay $29.99 Dollars only and participate in a three (3) week course on YOUR SUCCESS 101

  • Receive a copy of our eBook on “Five Principles of Programmed Success” (69 pages)
  • Receive an eBook guide on “What Success Means to you?” (15 pages)
  • Receive Weekly Assignments for Three (3) weeks to get you to improve aspects on your life.

Our minds are the key to our success when set right. What we do on a daily basis is the input to the outcome we get in our lives. This course is designed for you to take stock of what success means to you and how you can improve yourself. All material will be provided to you in pdf and word format with email communication being maintained throughout the course

Week 1: Unlocking your Mind

  1. Defining the real meaning of success
  2. Identify what success means to you (Complete material provided)
  3. Identifying the symbols of success which are in your life and those not in your life (Complete material provided)
  4. Success Profiling, 4 Quadrant Analysis (Assignment Submission)
  5. Vision Statement to be the best of you (Assignment Submission)

Week 2: Time and Self Management

  1. Understanding the meaning of time (Reading )
  2. The existence of time around us (Business Exercise)
  3. Calculation of the value of time to you (Time analysis)
  4. Feedback from your course provider on your time and success capacity (Feedback Analysis)

Week 3: Biases in your life and goals

  1. Spinning the wheel on your life biases to date
  2. Identifying your major biases
  3. Personal feedback session (Submissions)
  4. Completing the eBook on “What Success means to you”

Payments accepted on PayPal

Pay here and immediately download your eBooks and your first material for the first week.

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