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4 Steps to Changing your perception to open the door of opportunity

Knocking on the door of opportunity for ten years with no answer is like a fool who knocks at an empty house and expects someone to answer. Change your perception, you have to become the answer to your own knock in life when there is no one opening the door for you. Imagine that you knock for ten years and promotion is not coming yet you know you deserve the promotion, it just means you need new ways to get that door open. Don’t do the same thing for years and expect a different result, that is madness. You are the answer to most of your own knocks at the door of opportunity.

1. Find a different door

If you have given it your best shot and you knocked the best way you can, then find a new door. Chances are high that no one is listening to your knock or no one wants to answer it, either way don’t spend your best efforts on doors not meant for you. There is nothing wrong in finding a new door. If however you see signs of encouragement that there is an answer coming then go ahead and keep knocking

2. Get a key maker

Sometimes the door does not open because you must open it for yourself. If the door requires you to open it but you don’t have a key then get a key maker. Don’t insist on knocking just look for a key maker. If you want to get a bank loan but you don’t know how to create a proposal then I suggest you get someone who can, that person is your key maker. If you want to start a beauty salon but you don’t know how to do hair then get yourself enrolled to a beauty school, that is your key maker.

3. If the door is not opening use the window

In life there are doors of opportunity and also windows of opportunity. If the door is not opening then you might as well use the window. Don’t do anything illegal but where tenacity is needed then be the cheer leader to yourself and use the window. You might not have the funds to start a telecommunication network so start by opening a phone shop, be a franchise if you can’t afford to start your own chain of restaurants. A window is normally smaller than a door but it gives you an opportunity to finally enter the house. So look for windows as well.

4. Break the door down

As noted earlier don’t do anything illegal but if the door is not opening you might have to break it down. Those who had to fight for their rights started off knocking but at some point they ended up breaking the doors down. Judge your situation and see how best barriers can be broken. The door can be stubborn hence the method of openingĀ  might as well be just as stubborn. Some protests are passive some are in your face. Break the doors where it is necessary.

These are four ways that a door of opportunity can be opened. If you don’t change your perception you might spend the next ten years knocking on a door that is not meant to open by conventional means.

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