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These 7 people in your life will hinder your success

There are 7 people who will hinder your success that you need to be aware of. If it was possible to run from them that would not be such a bad idea. These 7 people are an interesting lot which if given a choice they will ruin some of your opportunities to find success. Our success also depends on how we handle the networks and relationships that are around us. If we fail to manage our relationships then chances are high that we might fail to manage the opportunities that will come in life where these relationships have an influence.

1. The Serial Complainer

The serial complaining person complains about everything such that when opportunity comes all you think about is the negative that you have heard. They will complain about the weather, their work their day, their lives and so much more. The more complaints you are accustomed to the negative your outlook of life. At the end of the day you start seeing things from the negative side of things. Never color your life with one color you might fail to fit in the different opportunities that will come your way.

2. The vampire

Some people will suck the energy put of you such that you never really have a chance to succeed. All they do is take from you and demand all your time but they never give back. They will always need a favor and all they ever do is to find something they need from you. Your life seems to revolve around them such that you never have time to achieve what you need to. Beware of those who drain your energy, they can finish your energy just before your opportunity comes.

3. The victims

These are people that want you to believe that they are the victims in everything. They don’t want to be left behind so they always have a story to tell on how things are so unfair. The danger is you end up sacrificing your life in order to make them happy.  Careful of the victims that are a victim of their own thinking.

4. The temp

This is that friend who wants to cheer you and says you are together all the way but never does anything to help which is of value. So they promise you that you will be together through thick and thin but when it matters they have an encyclopedia of excuses. Be careful of the serial promise makers who are serial promise breakers. Choose your partners wisely.

5. The User

Success only makes sense if it is close to your reality. There are those that will promise you the world but never let you possess it. They use you, and when you are close to the reward they take all the credit or they dump you. The users are always talking sweet things but delivering sour deals. Don’t believe everything that you are told, just go with the flow but always be prepared for surprises.

6. The Coordinator

Perhaps one of the most dangerous of the 7 people in this list is the coordinators. All they ever do is that they tell you what to do. They coordinate at funerals, weddings, parties, queues and in the end they coordinate your life. Live your life not someone else’s instruction of your life. The coordinators are not hard to spot, they never keep quiet and they never stop pointing. When opportunity comes instead of giving you advice they tell you what to do. The result is that you never get to do what you want.

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7. The time delay

This person is that person that always gets you late no matter how early you are for something. The danger is that they can get you used to being late such that when it matters the most you are late for the most important appointment of your life. Worse they can get you blanketed as the same as them when it come to time and reliability.They always have a reason to be late.  Never get used to being late you might just be late at the wrong time.

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