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Try Online Shops in Zim?

How has been your online experience in Zimbabwe or are we even aware of the online shops and stores that now exist? A simple Google search will reveal a number of online shops that exist in Zimbabwe.

Here are a few to mention but in no particular order (let us know the other ones outside of this list)

eBay was a revelation in terms of how they did business, now others shop from Alibaba and other online  shopping experiences. To finally have such a variety of shops in Zimbabwe is not only refreshing but it is a step in the right direction on success (and you know we love success). So how are do most of these online shops work, simple really, buy online and get it delivered to you. Of course if you are in hurry then you might as well go to the shops but if you don’t mind waiting 1-3 days then online shopping is the way to go. It creates convenience for you and of course adds a little sophistication into your life.
Time will naturally tell which online shops are the best and which will dominate. Our only words of advice to the online shop providers are these “Efficiency and Customer Care”. If they can achieve those two concepts then they will succeed. If you have had an online shopping experience from a Zimbabwean provider do let us know which ones have been good to you. Checkout telpay for electricity, tell us your opinion.
If you have not had an online shopping experience as yet you are encouraged to try it out (hint you can at least start off by buying prepaid ZESA). Get in touch

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