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Falling in Love and Connecting the dots in 5 strokes

Chemicals of Love

Two hearts two people one purpose, that sounds romantic but connecting two people in a relationship is not so easy. Sometimes the hearts are not in the same place and sometimes the purpose is not fully understood. Why do people fall in love and how do they get connected?

1. Trust

Everyone wants someone to trust, and to be trusted. We have so much to share as we go through life. We need someone to trust whom we don’t lie to and they don’t lie to us. The world is full of treachery and we just want at least one person to trust in.

2. Affection

Love is great for all the affection and the Attention that we give and receive. Being in a relationship where we can get this is a joy for us. We love affection and attention.

3. Partnership

One of the greatest things about relationships is being able to work together. We all want a partner, someone we can work with to achieve what we need. When we get the right partner we connect the dots.

4. Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh

There is 7 billion of us in the world so we want someone we can relate to as our own bone of our bone and flesh of our flesh. We long to be relevant, so if someone who is like us makes us important in their lives thenĀ  that is a dot connected.

5. Naked truth

We have a longing to be seen for who we are. To be appreciated for ourselves without hiding anything. To be able to pursue growing and developing without being shunned but being given time and patience. When that happens that is a connected dot.

Falling in love is beautiful and amazing. It becomes even better when the dots of love are connected.

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