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Treating Depression Successfully with 5 Doses of “I Refuse”

Unless you treat depression, It will suck the life out of you and rob you of your success. Depression comes because of different reasons which we can’t always explain or we feel we cannot deal with. However it should not be all gloomy and dark for us, we should be able to get over it. You will be disappointed in life and you will cry tears of sadness but if there is a medicine that can be recommend for you to successfully deal with depression then it is 1 bottle of “I Refuse”, a success attitude for the mind. Everything about us and our life’s success starts from our minds; until we learn to unlock the closed parts, life will continue to be an uncertainty. We are designed to be successful and our very nature exhibits a natural need for success.

Now ” I Refuse” comes in instant dosages to be taken whenever you feel down or low.  You must take I Refuse to fix the following

1. For headaches caused by work
2. Heartbreaks caused by rejection bacteria
3. Sadness from the I am broke symptoms
4. Loneliness from the ” lack of partners or friends”
5. Self pity caused by lack of purpose
And other symptoms that cause depression

Life is a choice and hence you must use your prerogative to refuse certain things in life. Take a few dosages of attitude.

1. If you can’t deal with it change your life

If you are stuck in a place that makes no sense and makes you unhappy then move. If you have tried all you can and you feel its not working out then Refuse to be held hostage and start moving to something new. There is no point spending your life depressed when you can do better. You deserve better.

Five Ways to change your life

2. If no one cheers for you be your own cheer leader

Why spend time waiting to be appreciated, love yourself also. You can’t love your neighbour as you love yourself unless if you love yourself as well. Learn new skills, let your potential fly, don’t be stingy and mean to yourself.

3. Do something silly

Don’t take yourself too seriously, live a little do something unexpected and be happy. It’s not like you were born to be sad, Refuse that and live a little. Depression is a thief that steals your life’s potential gain.

4.  Be a train

Trains rarely look back, If they did they would die thinking about the long baggage they carry. Self pity comes from self defeating backward looking reflection. Move forward even if the baggage is heavy don’t be discouraged, Refuse to be slowed down and keep chugging along.

5. Your best revenge is to succeed

If you have been messed up then your best revenge is to make it and later on stick it to the world by living large. Let determination be your daily prayer, don’t be held captive by disappointment, let life know you refuse to go down.

You are already a success by being alive, build on that success. Don’t let your success be stolen by depression , that is daylight robbery. Live your life and refuse that impostor called depression to live your life.

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