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What Next for Jose Mourinho?

Jose Mourinho and Chelsea have their work cut out for them if they are going to make any difference in the Premier League. The most shocking part of it is that they won the premier league in the previous season but now are not even in the top half of the table. The joke that they need Tom Cruise from Mission Impossible may seem plausible when considering their current position. So what’s next or rather what needs to be done?

1. Be honest with yourself.

From the firing of the good doctor Eva Carneiro to the many comments, Jose has not exactly been a model for keeping things in a calm state. Jose needs to take Chelsea life into perspective and decide what is important for him for now and the long run. Being the special one is not a James Bond “license to kill”, but should make him think what is best for the team. No doubt the man has been emotional lately but he needs to be honest with himself and decide what’s best.

2. Bring Everyone in Line

Bringing everyone in line means that Jose must be the first one, there is need to be more responsible, giving a person like Costa a free pass to do whatever it is that they want on the pitch can end up badly not only for Jose but for Chelsea. The problem is you never know how far Costa can take it which of course we have already seen him disrespecting Jose just this week.

3. Come Back to the Basics

Chelsea does not need anything fancy it has enough intelligent players so they can actually do better after all they are defending champions. So what must Mourinho do? He needs to start doing what needs to be done, defend, pass the ball, attack and play like a team.

4. A winner is a winner

Jose must not forget he is a winner and winners must act like winners. Get the mood right in that team and get them to start believing in themselves. After all if they are champions they must play like champions and stop giving any inch away on the pitch. If Chelsea are winners they need to start playing with the attitude of winners.

5. Clean up any bad apples

Sir Alex was good at clearing up when it was time. Jose needs to do the same thing. He has nothing to lose, and everything else to gain. If there are bad apples he needs to fix that and get the right people in the team. If players are not team players and cannot handle the pressure then they must be sold and new people can come in. Chelsea is big enough to afford whoever they need.

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