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7 Reasons to Enjoy your life today

If you are not enjoying your life you are missing out on a lot of life benefits that you should be taking advantage of. Going through life like a serious army general will never make you happy, it will always be a call of duty. Enjoy your life and if you don’t have a reason to here are 7 reasons to enjoy your life.

1. It’s your life

No one else’s but yours, you breathe by your self which is all the reason to know it is your life. Every one has their own life and yours is yours. You can lose everything else in life but there is one thing no one can take from you, the fact that your very existence is your life, no one else. You might be imprisoned, used, spat on but you are you and that’s you, there is no one else.

2. You deserve it

If you were born then you deserve to be happy. There is no other qualification that is needed. It is your right by being born that you should be happy.

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3. Happiness is not copyrighted

No one owns happiness and no one has put a chain on it. Anyone can find happiness and can be happy for life. Happiness is a choice, when you find what makes you happy then be happy. In the space that you have be happy but never infringe on other people’s happiness, stay in your space.

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4. Happiness has no one formula

There is no formula given to happiness which has absolute constants and values. Happiness can be found in any place of your dwelling or existence. All you have to do is decide and be happy.


5. Happiness is not an asset

The trouble with most of the things that people need is that they are physical yet the things that really make us happy have no price. Happiness is not an asset, it is not tangible and cannot be owned by anyone to be sold to everyone. This reason is key in finding your own personal happiness in life.

6. Happiness is everywhere where you are

Happiness is not limited to geo-locations. You can find it just about any place that you are in. You have to find yourself in order to find happiness. When we lose ourselves we lose happiness. The more we associate happiness with things the more we lose control over our happiness..

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7.You are precious

Come rain or the lack of it your value as a human being never diminishes. You are incredible and a specimen above all other species. You are human, gifted, intelligent and awesome. There is no one like you, your value is not determined by anything on earth, just by yourself you are valuable and precious

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