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Successful WhatsApp Groups, 7 Rules

Rules for Whatsapp groups can come in different forms and having been an administrator for several WhatsApp groups, there are a few rules that I have come to understand in order to have a successful group.

Have rules from the beginning

If you are going to run a successful group you must make sure that everyone knows the rules. It would be difficult to start explaining the rules after everyone is on board. So depending on what kind of group that you are creating make sure that you have relevant rules which are in sync with what it is that you want to achieve

Make sure everyone on the group has a name

This might seem like a difficult one to achieve but make sure when people join they join with their names as well. This will make it easier to identify and speak to the members. Besides it is so much easier to deal with names than with funny tags

Don’t interfere too much with group chats

You will find that a WhatsApp group is like a society, so people are more often than normal going to go off the road, so it may not be wise to interfere all the time. In any group there will always be those people that will bring everyone in line. They are your pseudo admins who watch what others say and can be corrective of others.

Stamp your authority

This may seem like a conflict with rule 3 but once in a while you need to put the rogue elements into line. Where there is deliberate breaking of rules then it is okay to remove the person. There is only so much that can be tolerated so don’t compromise on bad stuff.

Apologize quickly and set the record straight

Where offensive material is posted or shared, be quick to apologies and urge everyone to delete the contents. Remind the group about the rules so that everyone understands that you do not overlook such behavior

Keep the group moving

Once the group is created it will take a life of its own, however sometimes it goes quiet, when that happens chip in a question or a point of discussion to allow the group to have more life. Don’t forget why the group was created. As the admin you have the obligation to keep the group moving

Don’t force people to rejoin if they leave

There is nothing as irritating as the so and so has left, but when that happens don’t worry about it, the real group members will remain. Don’t go chasing after every WhatsApp group member who leaves. Once in a while find out why they left, however when you know your group members you can pretty much guess why they left.

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