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If you are not moving you can’t pursue, overtake and recover

Life is tough, painful and full of confusion; sometimes your success has been robbed or  your targets seem to move at lightning speed such that it seems impossible for you to catch up. If you are not moving however it is impossible to pursue, overtake and recover. No matter the confusion in life you need to keep moving towards your target. As long as you know what you want then keep moving. Why must you keep moving?

1. Distance increases if you stand still

As a mentor one of the advices I give to people is that  if you stand still the distance between you and your target gets longer. Whatever target you have is always in motion, even if it seems still something is changing. It could be aging, it could be that it’s being pushed away but the fact is that your targets are always in motion. If you are a champion today and you don’t train, the standard to keep your championship will leave you behind. You must keep moving, through the tears, through the hate, through the sadness or depression, just keep moving.

2. If you don’t move you will get rusty

By the time you decide to move you might be too rusty to go anywhere. You might get too used to standing still and watching the world go by. Keep moving to exercise your muscles of pursuing. You are capable of catching up only if you are moving.

3. Your target will always give you an opportunity

It’s the classic case of a person who never gets a driving licence because they think they will never get a company car then one day they change jobs and the car keys are by their desk. Now, because they cannot drive they take the long walk of shame to return the keys. There will always be an opportunity to overtake, you just have to keep in the race. The time will come when your target will slow down or will choose to jog with you or just walk with you, but If you are not ready that opportunity will pass you by.

4. You can’t experience the shortcut

Sometimes overtaking means taking a shortcut. If you are not moving how will you take the short cut to overtake. Some short cuts are only available along the route, if you are not moving how will you arrive to the short cut turn to help you overtake.

5. You cannot recover

Movement will eventually get you to the destination or some destination. If we all raced in space  and the prize was that whatever you pass or when you are told to stop wherever you are, whatever is around you becomes your prize, if you chose not to move then your prize would be where you are standing. It is like an investment, If you keep your 100 dollars in the drawer, that year it can buy you a basket of groceries, as the years go the amount of groceries that it can buy decrease, so by the time you try to spend it, you will gain very little with it. Don’t bury your talents keep moving and practising as time goes you will gain more skills. After a while you will recover more than you could have If you were standing still. If you don’t move you will never get new experiences.

6. Someone else will take your place

If a race had ten runners who all would get a prize for participating and you are not in the race to finish you can’t be counted as a participant, someone else will take your place. In other words as long as you don’t run the race you can’t benefit from the race.

7. No one will know you are in the race

If you are not moving life will not see you as a participant for the pursuit of success. You have to move to compete. The race is not for the swift but the prize is for those who keep moving. You can cry, its alright but let life know you are not a quitter, when the opportunity comes it will be given to you. A substitute who constantly trains with the team is recognised as a usable substitute than a substitute who grudgingly shows up for training. Be there, show up for the battle to be counted as a soldier. Give an opinion for people to know you think. Nothing is cast in stone, seasons change and your opportunity will come. Stay in the game eventually you will recover.

Overtaking is not really complicated its all about determination, in the absence of courage you cannot overtake. If you are not moving your chances of getting to a position to overtake are impossible. If you want to be relevant to success then keep moving.

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