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Learning Strategy from Sir Alex Ferguson, 7 things we can learn

Strategy is critical for anyone to succeed in any discipline, whether it is in sports, business or your life. As a sports fan, you can also learn a few things that come out of sports which can be vital. One of the legendary coaches in the world of soccer is Sir Alex Ferguson and from him we can learn 7 things that we are going to look at in this post.

1. Set Targets and Focus

When Sir Alex started one of his targets was to knock Liverpool off their perch, in other words win more league trophies than Liverpool, which he did. Each year he had a plan and he knew what needed to be done. If there is no target set then life can be an aimless arrow shot in the dark, it can land just about anywhere.

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2. If you are the boss then be the boss

One of the things Sir Alex is famous for is in ensuring that everyone understood that he was in charge. Whether it be selling Beckam to Real Madrid or even deciding who plays and who does not, there was no doubt who the boss was.

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3. Rebuild always

Be the boss of your own stars

Sir Alex could have sat back and said he had won it all but he kept on rebuilding a team for the next period. After every 3-4 years he would create a new team capable of challenging for any trophy that was in place. Never let you company age without any new products or any new business. Keep re-inventing and being relevant.

4. Attack, Attack Attack

If there are four minutes left in the famous Fergie-time his teams never gave up. The best defense is in always having the greatest attack. One must never give up; the most aggressive will eventually score the winner. Keep pushing towards your goal and eventually you will win.

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5. Substitutes and Plan B

Don’t just sit on the bench be prepared to make a difference

One of the greatest tactics from Sir Alex was the use of a great substitute. When Plan A is not working make sure you have a Plan B which is ready to be implemented. Implement this without any fear, if you lose out whilst implementing plan B, it’s ok, after all Plan A was already losing.

6. Demand Excellence

If you want to win then you must play like a winner. All his teams always knew they could win because they knew they played better. Practice all the time to perfect your skills. Study your opponents to know how best to win the game. Business is not any different, be on the lookout for what your competition is doing.

7. Be Visible

Too many people sit back and hide. Sir Alex is famous for being very visible in the games and making sure everyone including the referee understood that he was there. If you are going to win in life people need to know you are there. Don’t just sit on the bench and think that the match will win itself. Management by walking around is one of the best ways to manage any team or business. Even at home, your family needs to know you are there.

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