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7 Things that create your personal values

Your personal values determine what you are prepared to do to make you into a success. There are 7 things that people forget that influence their personal values. These 7 things affect us directly and as a person you need to decide how you fit in with them.

1. Friends and Network

Your friends are important and the quality of friends you have, how you relate, and how you listen to each other will determine which values you consider to be important. If your friends do not build you up or support you then you are better off finding a new network of friends.

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2. Job and Business

The type of job that you do will sometimes shape how you see the world. Do you see the world as one big risk, one big audit, one huge frustration, one big health issue or any other perspective? Always choose a job that reflects on what you believe in, what you are comfortable with and what makes you into a winner.

3. Your Family

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Where you come from and who you are normally determined by your family as you were growing up and your families as you have grown up. Your family does not need to be blood related or contractual, it can be those people who you believe to be your family because they are.

4. Your Beliefs and Religion

What you believe in and how you believe in it will determine what values you will follow. Everyone needs hope faith and love. Your beliefs and religion are critical to shape your value system.

5. Neighborhood

Where you stay is also important in your values system. Every suburbs has a certain value system that it carries with, you could either identify with it or not agree with it. In the end this will determine if you go along with it or not.

6. Education

Your education is important in that it sets the agenda of your life, what you know and what you will be ignorant of. Your value system can be an education which is formal or non-formal depending on your circumstances. Education can happen through a teacher, parent, friend, coach or mentor, any one of these can be the source of your education.

7. Your Idols

Who you look up to is a reflection of what you believe in and what your value system is. You could lie to yourself and say that you are not affected but your mind always gravitate to what you want. You must be careful to whom you listen to or worship. The more you listen to them or admire them the more you hear their message and eventually your thinking will mirror some of their beliefs as well.

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