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Life is the sum of the experiences your create

Life is the sum of the experiences your create Ever wondered about that old age question, “What is life really about?” It is an old question with many old answers. Is life about love, money, power, victories, goals, friends, family and anything else in between or far from it? I have

What is Time?

You are born and you die and time seems to pass us by. We stare at the clock and the clock seems to move. Our idea of time is an illusion that we have created in order to make sense of our own lives. Before we were, time already existed

Time is your friend not your enemy in success

Learning that time is not your enemy but your friend is important for success in any domain, or facet of life that we have. We tend to think of deadlines, due dates, limited time series or anything that puts pressure to finish as a enemy yet time is meant to

7 Organization tips to hack and unlock time

Organization is next to perfection as noted in our book "The five Principles of Programmed Success". One of the greatest resources in our top five of resources that you can harness is time, being able to unlock  time is critical for success. It is thus important to be able to

7 Tips to Control Time

Your progress in life is the value of time that you used efficiently. Contrary to belief there are some things we can do to control our time to add more time for doing important things. Half of the things that we do can be done better and we can make


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